ARIA AGM 16th May 2013

The Annual General Meeting of the Association of Immigration Advisers 16th May 2013.

There are many changes taking place in the field of UK Immigration. These changes will continue to come from UKBA, but also by the regulator, the OISC, who are proposing changes to the code of practice. As you know, the Cabinet Office has been leading a debate on the future role and mandate of the OISC, and its outcome will affect us all.

With this in mind we believe it is time for ARIA to take a lead and be the voice that speaks out for and on behalf of all (Regulated) Immigration Advisers.

We hope you will join us on the 16th of May to participate in ARIA’s growing relevance in the regulated marketplace for immigration advice and services.

I ask you to attend to contribute to the debate.

Ian Westwood, ARIA Chair

ARIA AGM, Friends House, Euston, London, NW1 2BJ

Start time 6.00 pm

To register your attendance please complete and return the AGM form by following the link –   AGM Notice reply MAY 2013


1. Report from the committee

2. Election of officers and committee for next year

3. Presentation by Lexis Nexis – demonstration of a tool to make casework easier, and an opportunity to learn more about the legal aspects of representing a client

4. ARIA – the way forward. What do you want from ARIA? Discussion facilitated by the current Interim Chairman

5. Close of business