ARIA Chairman, Peter Larkin, and Secretary, Ian Westwood, held an initial meeting with Suzanne McCarthy, the Immigration Services Commissioner on 13th January. We hope this to be the start of a new relationship with the Commissioner and her staff to engage in positive debate regarding our industry. We agreed future meetings will focus on matters of importance to all advisors, and we therefore encourage you to contact us if there are any issues you feel we should be raising. There will be further consultation on the codes and standards in due course, and we encourage you to give your comment directly to the OISC as well as letting ARIA know what you think. 

As a reminder of something mentioned by the OISC at the meeting, but also in recent communications from them to all advisors. Prior to OISC audit, they do make contact with the Home Office to seek feedback on the applications being made by advisors. The Home Office are permitted to share details with them, and therefore they are likely to review completed cases with you during audit visits.