Association of Regulated Immigration Advisers

The Association of Regulated Immigration Advisers is the professional Association for Regulated Immigration Advisers in the United Kingdom. The Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 provides for the Regulation of Immigration Advisers in the UK.

Since the Immigration Act 1971, and the British Nationality Act of 1981, successive Governments in the UK have, for a number of reasons, introduced further immigration laws and changed many aspects of existing British Immigration Law and Rules. These, together with the introduction of further British Law to cater for European Community Immigration imposed on the UK over the years, has made the whole area of UK Immigration law extremely complex.

In view of this, Immigration Law is becoming more and more of a ‘specialist’ area of UK Law. This has resulted in many Solicitors turning their attention away from Immigration towards other areas of domestic law. Immigration organisations, advisers, consultants, and law centres have therefore steadily found it necessary to provide an increasing amount of legal advice and services in the area of Immigration.

It is important all people seeking Immigration advice and services both in and outside the UK, for whatever reason, are reassured the advice and services they receive is given in a competent, efficient and effective manner. The introduction of Regulation in regard to UK Immigration and the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner has gone some way to achieve this. The Association of Regulated Immigration Advisers will compliment this by providing further reassurance that a professional association supports the Regulated UK immigration advice and service providers, and those who are outside of UK Regulation by the adoption of ‘Best Practice’ processes and procedures.

We hope the pages of this web site will provide some reassurance that our members providing advice and consultancy immigration services in the UK, have the support of this Association. It is also our primary aim to promote the image and professionalism of Regulated immigration advisers in the UK, and in doing so encourage the provision of more effective and efficient immigration services generally.

When choosing immigration advice and service providers, it is therefore in your interests to ensure the organisation you choose to provide the immigration advice and services you require, is regulated and is one of our member organisations. Look for our logo and ask!